Cut-off age - 3.10 4.9  years at the start of Term 1






At this stage children are preparing for the academic and social challenges of a school environment. The Neev K1 curriculum helps children strengthen their concepts and skills and arrive at a better understanding of the world around them. 

The comprehensive curriculum promotes teaching children the skills needed for success in school and helps them develop a lifetime love of learning. The curriculum focuses on:

- Reading, writing and language development
- Mathematical development
- Social and Emotional development
- Physical development
- Scientific literacy
- Social sciences
- Creative arts
- Technology, etc.

Children in this age group stay for the full day programme. This allows specialists the time to work intensively on creative skills and greater knowledge of the world around them through enquiry and discovery activities. With the support of their teachers, children learn to discover, explore and extend multiple intelligences through rich and varied specialist-led experiences in the arts, science and technology.












Cut-off age - 4.10 5.9 years at the start of Term 1






Equipped with the basic tools of verbal language, mathematical concepts, and developed creative and critical thinking skills, children are ready to master the basic skills they will need throughout their lives. The Neev K2 curriculum reinforces and extends these skills, knowledge and concepts through a rich theme-based curriculum with defined learning objectives.

Our curriculum recognizes that a child's needs extend beyond academic to social and other requirements that help the child adapt to the demands of the rapidly shrinking world around them.

We use the highest quality curriculum material and educational technologies in all group and child led activities. The curriculum is structured, yet flexible. The small class sizes and multiple intelligences approach gives children the attention they need for growth at their own pace, gaining confidence in themselves as learners and individuals.

Children in K2 stay for the full day programme, so that they can participate in a full day of multi-sensorial learning in a safe, stimulating and familiar environment.