Human Resources at Neev is committed to creating a practice that focuses on the needs of the child, where every Employee maintains a child-centric outlook through their work, their disposition and their interaction with others. We are committed to teamwork, collaboration and a drive to excel, where every employee develops a growth mindset, where learning has no boundaries and where failure is seen as a stepping stone to success and a reason for perseverance. We strive to foster an environment where leaders support their team in defining short term and long-term goals. Passion and hard-work are what enables us to respond to every challenge.


At Neev, Employees are rewarded for their long-term commitment, their work ethic and ability to treat everyone with respect.


A Teacher’s role at Neev is to promote and nurture the education of young students by planning and tailoring courses of study while providing a safe and stimulating classroom environment that is conducive to learning. Teachers at Neev need to partner with parents, trainers and the Non-teaching staff to ensure the holistic development of the child.


Neev is looking for teachers who are child-centric and passionate about teaching. They should have a drive towards excellence and a desire to learn and adopt effective teaching strategies while bringing creativity into the learning space.


Current Positions


Early Year Teacher


Job Title: EY Teacher

Location: Bangalore, India (Whitefield/Indiranagar/Queen’s Road/Koramangala/Sadashivnagar)

Qualification: Degree in any discipline and Diploma in teaching / B.Ed.

Preferable work experience: Minimum 1-year’ experience


Besides being a great teacher,


  • Educate students by planning and developing courses of study according to Neev Academy curriculum guidelines and school requirements.

  • Tailor and differentiate courses of study and lessons to meet the individual needs of student’s levels of academic ability and previous achievement.

  • Develop and present lesson plans by using a variety of teaching models and techniques.

  • Planning the indoor and outdoor environment in order to provide a positive, creative and stimulating context for learning and teaching.

  • Preparation of resources to support delivery of the curriculum indoors and outdoors.

  • Observe, monitor and assess students on-going progress. Prepare assignments and tests for in-school assessment and homework.

  • Maintain good disciplinary order in the classroom.

  • Maintain safe, secure, and healthy educational environment.

  • Undertake pastoral duties, such as supporting pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties;

  • Keep parents informed of children’s progress by maintaining records of academic performance, attendance, and participation; reporting on all elements of student development at parent-teacher conferences, both regularly scheduled and as-needed.

  • Provide student support services, such as additional study periods, student clubs and activities, trips.

  • Update job knowledge by attending faculty meetings; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.


All applicants must have a teaching qualification from any Early Years teaching training institute.

Experience is preferred, not mandatory
You may send in your profile to



Content Developer and Trainer


Job Title: Content Developer and Trainer

Location: Bangalore, India (Whitefield/Indiranagar/Queen’s Road/Koramangala/Sadashivnagar)

Preferable work experience: Minimum 2-year’ experience


Content Developer and Trainer who has minimum of 2 years experience in and is familiar with Early Childhood Education either as a teacher, leader, content developer or researcher. Masters Degree in Education or any subject area and is comfortable to work with education.


We are looking at an experienced and passionate educator with a strong drive towards excellence. An ability to use research, networking and communication skills to build content for a Teacher Training Programme at Neev and is ready to embark on a fun exploratory journey into education. Building research skills for the content as a requirement for the role is crucial. This will also include reading, analysing and interpreting of information as a major part of the profile.


Following skills will be added benifit.

  • Certification/Diploma/Specialisation/Other (please specify) in Early Childhood Education.
  • Master’s Degree in any field of Education from a leading university in India or abroad with demonstrated interest and passion for excellence in his/her own education.
  • Experience in teaching and training from a global best practise environment from India or abroad (with some experience from India preferred).
  • Demonstrate strength in the use of technology, experiential teaching/learning, project management (adhere to project deadlines) & networking.
  • Work with different curriculum frameworks like understanding by design (backward design).
  • Work with curriculum software.
  • Build modules/ content for the Neev Teacher Training course.
  • Execute small training modules to new students enrolling in the program. This will comprise of building the module, assessments, teaching strategies, grading as well as delivering the units with contextual readings and resources as required for the course.
  • Develop and create teacher standards along with the team members of Neev Training Institute.
  • Align the curriculum framework, learning objectives and goals of the Teacher Training program.
  • Research relevant, updated and contextual teaching practices and learning in the Early Childhood classroom.
  • Interpret and translate policy and systemic changes in the Early Childhood Education space.
  • Extend partnerships with well-known trainers/ educators for the Neev Training program.
  • Determine the value of accreditation and its role for the Neev Institute.
  • Prioritise giving attention to detail while building the course to the last detail like hours/credits.
  • Administrative skills for basic integration of the entire program will also be required on an ongoing basis like accommodating schedules for the practice school when the training program is up and running.

Attitudes and Skills (must have)

  • Ability to work in a dynamic and evolving environment.
  • Optimistic.
  • Great attitude - Collaboration & teamwork.
  • Grit and Grace.
  • Detail oriented.


All applicants must have a teaching qualification from any Early Years teaching training institute along with M.ed.

Experience is preferred, not mandatory
You may send in your profile to