Human Resources at Neev is committed to creating a practice that focuses on the needs of the child, where every Employee maintains a child-centric outlook through their work, their disposition and their interaction with others. We are committed to teamwork, collaboration and a drive to excel, where every employee develops a growth mindset, where learning has no boundaries and where failure is seen as a stepping stone to success and a reason for perseverance. We strive to foster an environment where leaders support their team in defining short term and long-term goals. Passion and hard-work are what enables us to respond to every challenge.


At Neev, Employees are rewarded for their long-term commitment, their work ethic and ability to treat everyone with respect.


A Teacher’s role at Neev is to promote and nurture the education of young students by planning and tailoring courses of study while providing a safe and stimulating classroom environment that is conducive to learning. Teachers at Neev need to partner with parents, trainers and the Non-teaching staff to ensure the holistic development of the child.


Neev is looking for teachers who are child-centric and passionate about teaching. They should have a drive towards excellence and a desire to learn and adopt effective teaching strategies while bringing creativity into the learning space.


Current Positions


Early Year Teacher


Job Title: EY Teacher

Location: Bangalore, India (Whitefield/Indiranagar/Queen’s Road/Koramangala/Sadashivnagar)

Qualification: Degree in any discipline and Diploma in teaching / B.Ed.

Preferable work experience: Minimum 1-year’ experience


Besides being a great teacher,


  • Educate students by planning and developing courses of study according to Neev Academy curriculum guidelines and school requirements.

  • Tailor and differentiate courses of study and lessons to meet the individual needs of student’s levels of academic ability and previous achievement.

  • Develop and present lesson plans by using a variety of teaching models and techniques.

  • Planning the indoor and outdoor environment in order to provide a positive, creative and stimulating context for learning and teaching.

  • Preparation of resources to support delivery of the curriculum indoors and outdoors.

  • Observe, monitor and assess students on-going progress. Prepare assignments and tests for in-school assessment and homework.

  • Maintain good disciplinary order in the classroom.

  • Maintain safe, secure, and healthy educational environment.

  • Undertake pastoral duties, such as supporting pupils on an individual basis through academic or personal difficulties;

  • Keep parents informed of children’s progress by maintaining records of academic performance, attendance, and participation; reporting on all elements of student development at parent-teacher conferences, both regularly scheduled and as-needed.

  • Provide student support services, such as additional study periods, student clubs and activities, trips.

  • Update job knowledge by attending faculty meetings; participating in educational opportunities; reading professional publications; maintaining personal networks; participating in professional organizations.


All applicants must have a teaching qualification from any Early Years teaching training institute.

Experience is preferred, not mandatory
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