Our Leadership Team

We pride ourselves on our highly qualified Educational Leaders at Neev. They are a team of professionally-certified early childhood education specialists, dedicated to providing children with the best start in life through loving care and learning development.

Our leaders are experts in their fields, who align their professional goals with the vision of the school and share responsibility for the success of the school as a whole.

The role of Educational Leader at Neev comprises:
  • Learning facilitator- Facilitating professional learning opportunities among staff members, work inside classrooms to help teachers implement new ideas, often by demonstrating a lesson, co-teaching, or observing and giving feedback.
  • Curriculum specialist- Understanding content standards, how various components of the curriculum link together, and how to use the curriculum in planning instruction and assessment to ensuring consistent curriculum implementation throughout a school.
  • Mentor- Serving as a mentor for new teachers is a prime role for leaders.
  • Resource provider- The core team at Neev help their colleagues by sharing resources like Web sites, instructional materials, readings etc. They also share and discuss professional resources as articles, books, lesson or plans, and assessment tools.
  • Learner- Among the most important roles the leaders assume is that of learner. Learners model continual improvement, demonstrate lifelong learning, and use what they learn to help all students achieve.
Priti Anand - Area Director - Central Bangalore
Priti Anand

Area director - Central Bangalore

All journeys start with hope, aspiration, excitement and that butterflies in the stomach feeling of doing new things, reaching new places, meeting many new people and building relationships.

Our journey of Neev is now at a helm where we are walking along with many people who share the passion, vision and drive to impact early education. It's a dream not of one but for many to come along in this journey where the fruits of labour will be there for generations, long after the ones who believed in the dream and tread the path to its reality.

Neev took the cudgels in 2004 to create a space in early years that was of a quality, that was not available in Bangalore. 13 years later Neev is still evolving, that it must continue to do, yet a very mature organisation that has its own unique mark in early years space. From 35 children and 18 teachers to more than 500 children and 100 teachers it's not only grown in number but also in stature.


At the core of it is the child who is capable, curious, competent. Neev is a place for children to build and enhance their capabilities in all areas. We strive to nurture in them all abilities that will allow them to flourish in all environments with confidence and independence and be caring, compassionate and happy individuals.

"Life isn't about finding yourself Life is about creating yourself" - George Bernard Shaw

And so building the skills, attitudes, dispositions one needs to do this is what education is about. It is what we aspire to do everyday for every child. We are aware of the research, in the last couple of decades, that has happened in the area of brain development in the early years, that goes a long way into defining adult personalities. We take this responsibility very seriously and constantly endeavour to train ourselves to do the best. Our core values of Grit, Honour, Grace are our true north and guide us in what we do and how we do it for our children and for each other.

As our children go out into the world as adults 10-15 years hence, they will be in jobs that don't exist now. So the following saying sums it.

"Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." Malcolm X

Kalpita Jain - Area Director - North Bangalore
Kalpita Jain

Area Director - North Bangalore

"The teacher who establishes a classroom ethos that values co- operation instead of competition creates the conditions that support and encourage- age children to get along as they play and work together."- Beyond the Journal, NAEYC.

Image of child is at core of our philosophy at Neev and our goal is to nurture the dispositions of independence, creativity, self- motivation, perseverance and resilience amongst our learners through many rich and multi faceted learning experiences. The researchers argue that a primary focus on subject knowledge, particularly language and mathematics competency is insufficient, and they urge teachers to focus on wider outcomes to sustain the development of young minds. At Neev, it's our goal to make learners have a strong sense of identity and build positive attitudes towards learning, life and community.


What distinguishes our classrooms that make learning and learners visible from other classrooms? We believe that all learning at Neev is purposeful, emotional, empowering and representational. Powerful learning occurs when teachers make clear decision about 'What's worth learning'? They define goals and larger purposes of what children are learning. We believe that children learn best when there is social exchange of knowledge. Emotional principle of learning turns the ordinary into extraordinary. At Neev, when children are emotionally settled, we see motivation, engagement and feelings of wonder, surprises and pleasure amongst our learners. Learners at Neev, express and represent their learning in multiple ways. As Howard Gardener suggests in his theory of multiple intelligence, evidence of learning can be demonstrated in a variety of symbol system, as Regiio emphasizes the 'Hundred languages of children' can be used to express their thinking and to empower them.

We believe that creating and sharing representation of learning allow adults to collate and reflect on learning to gauge progress and define next step and for learners to demonstrate and deepen their learning simultaneously. It is our consistent effort to use 'teachable moments' and incidental opportunities to enhance children's play and learning.

Core team
  • Rashmi Sirvastav- Branch Head, Neev Indiranagar
  • Aparna Atreya- Branch Head, Neev Whitefield
  • Jyoti Talgeri- Branch Head, Neev Sadashivnagar
  • Sreemoyee Sengupta - Branch Head, Neev Koramangala
  • Archana Vijay - Branch Head, Neev Queens Road
  • Babitha Rajesh - Grade level coordinator, Toddlers
  • Pooja Mahendru - Grade level coordinator, Pre-K
  • Kavya Swamy - Grade level coordinator, K1
  • Dhanshree Ghate - Grade level coordinator, K2
  • Kirtana Madhusudan - Language and Literacy coordinator
  • Charlotte William - Learning Support Coordinator, North Bangalore
  • Gayatri Patil - Senior Art Teacher, Neev Sadashivnagar
  • Benazeer Rasheed - Senior Art Teacher, Neev Whitefield
  • Sudesh Singh - Toddlers, Senior Teacher, Sadashivnagar
  • Shruti Jain - K2 Senior Teacher, Koramangala
  • Rashmi Kapoor - K1 Senior Teacher, Koramangala
  • Ashika Thusu – Training Coordinator- Neev EY