Time : 8:30 am - 12:30 am   Full Day : 8:30 am - 3:00pm
Age : 1y 10m as of June
Teachers to Students Ratio:1:6
Toddlers : The Explorers

Two-year-olds enjoy using their senses and motor skills to explore the world and are highly curious about unfamiliar objects, events and phenomena. They can solve simple problems with the "trial and error" method and will practice an activity many times to master it. Children of this age also pretend more during play, using familiar objects and situations to process their daily experiences.

New discoveries are also facilitated by a two-year-old's blossoming language skills that prompt many "why," "what" and "how" questions. Physically, two-year-olds explore all the ways to travel from here to there, including rolling, crawling, creeping, walking, running, jumping and climbing.

Two-year-olds enjoy playing alongside other children, but usually keep to themselves. When conflicts arise, adults need to step in to prevent aggression and teach appropriate behaviors.

Our Goals for Toddlers are:
  • Children to be emotionally secure in the school environment
  • Children to understand norms and follow class routines
  • Children become independent in managing self
  • Children will be able to express themselves & communicate with familiar adults
  • Children to be involved in play & activities for a period of time

Our toddler curriculum is rich in play opportunities for the youngest children at Neev. Children learn to freely explore, investigate and experience a wide range of sensory, creative and physical experiences while learning the value of focusing on a single task. Weekly plans around learning objectives ensure that children's skills are developed through activities that build early literacy skills and independence.

We endeavour for the maximum parent teacher interaction through communication with daily parent teacher contact books and an open door policy.

Early Start Toddlers

The children who are 20months as of June/Nov are eligible for Early Start Toddler - programme which is a two hour programme. For more information on this programme, please contact our admissions office at by phone +91-9148146447 or via

Time : 9:30 am - 11:30 am
Age : 20 months as of June/Nov
Teachers to Students Ratio:1:6